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 Christian Bernard was born in 1950 in the South of France into a humble family and very far from the art world. Since the age of five he was attracted to image and drawing.  Entirely self-taught and not being able to visit museums or galleries, he was very soon reading art magazines and trying to understand the works of artists such as Picasso, Magritte, Juan Gris, Chardin, Dali, Kandinsky and others. It is in this diversity and eclecticism that his love for art developed.IIt was not until the age of seventeen that he attended his first exhibition: "Picasso retrospective" in Avignon, France. This encounter with Picasso through original works was a shock to him and the beginning of a life entirely devoted to art.During the following 40 years his work continued to evolve and  change, and his artistic path was spread with different styles, moods, feelings, frustrations and brainstorming, but always passionately focused on image.  At each period of his artistic life he always had the same passion and fervor in using material, colors, lights and shapes.  After 25 years at the head of an graphic design agency and never losing touch with visual arts, he decided to devote himself entirely to his love for artistic creation.In 1998 he moved to Miami with his wife , and continued to follow his path of art and creation.From that time his work has been shown in several galleries and followed by many faithful collectors in the United States and Europe.